A forklift for every job

Our impressive fleet of forklifts can handle anywhere from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds, and are up to any handling, storage and lifting needs that companies in the greater Montréal area may have. Whether your forklift operators work on a loading dock, an equipment yard, a refrigerated warehouse, a construction site or a distribution centre, we can find the right equipment for the job.

Our added value

Flexible rentals

We offer daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rentals to give you the flexibility you need. We adapt to your reality!

Heavy equipment

We have a variety of heavy equipment suitable for major work.

Rental advice

With the help of a comprehensive questionnaire, our experienced advisors will pinpoint your needs and find the forklift that’s right for you.

A range of options

Here are a few of the options available to you:
Tires: solid, pneumatic or non-marking (white)
Propulsion: propane (LPG), diesel or battery
Mast height: short, standard or long (up to 25 feet)
Fork length: 4 to 12 feet long
Accessories: rotating tools, fork positioners, and more

for a rental that do the heavy lifting